Blast from the Past: 2002 – Yellowstone Nat’l Park

While searching in my archives for photos to use in my Blast from the Past series, I discovered quite a few really good shots from the trip we took in the fall of 2002 for my son’s Senior Trip. Over the next several posts, I will most likely share these with you as I reminisce.

You see, my son was raised taking vacations across the country in the backseat of our car. Many, many, MANY hours were spent and many, many, MANY miles were crossed in our vehicles for summer vacations, weekend trips, spontaneous excursions, etc! So it was only natural that when it came time to plan a Senior Trip his last year of high school, that he would choose to take a two week vacation in the car traveling across the states.

He had already planned to spend his first year, after graduating, in Arizona at a school to receive an audio engineering degree.  Music had always been a part of his life. So, where did he want to go on this special trip? To Seattle, Washington – destination Experience Music Project at the Seattle Center.

We made the most of that trip by absorbing all that we could between here and there and back again. One of our most memorable stops was at Yellowstone National Park. Today’s Blast from the Past shots are from one of the beautiful falls within the park.  I’m sure you will see more photos from our 2002 trip in the next few days but for now, lets stop and pause, take a deep breath and feel the spray.  After a little more punching than cropping in these snapshots, you can almost hear the roar of the waters. Enjoy!


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