MOVING TIME – New Blog Site

Moved to…

Well, I DID IT!

I’ve had the quandary of my different blog sites that were spread all over – wordpress, blogger, mobileme – and finally made the decision to make my life just a little easier by combining them all into one site. This decision came after my PhotoFrenzyFriend, Lisa, turned me on to a wonderful and fun site The Pioneer Woman. Once I saw that it could be done (and in fact SHOULD BE), I made the decision to take the plunge. After a few days, it’s done (minus some tweaking over the  next few weeks).

The compilation of all…

  • No More Weighting – my scripture-based motivational weight loss blog site
  • Crop’nPunch  – my photography blog site
  • NMW ministries – my general inspirational blog site

into Photos and Facets. The birth of the new site will also include some more personal sides to me and should be…well…just a little fun! Time will tell!

At the new site, you will find all of the above…

  • No More Weighting  – will be under No More Weighting (imagine that!)
  • Crop’nPunch  – under Debbi Robertson Photography Blog
  • NMW Ministries – under Proverbs 3:5

plus some new categories to follow shortly.

Please, check out the new site, bookmark, subscribe and all those fun things and if you are already a subscriber here, PLEASE make sure to change your subscription.

Thanks for your support and spread the word!

Have fun, stay young and…

Let Your Light Shine,

Week 47 – Yes, ANOTHER Sunset Photo

There is just something about this time of year. The cool temperatures, the spirit of the season, Christmas music playing, anticipation of the future, and…sunsets. For whatever reason (and I’m sure there is some scientific one) the sunsets are just more gorgeous at this time of the year. With our days on the prairie drawing nigh and knowing that it won’t be long before these visions will be just memories in my head and photos on my gallery, I’ve decided to post another sunset photo for this week’s FotoFriday52. Enjoy!

Week 46 – Thankful

As we approach Thanksgiving week, I have to reflect on the last seven years. That’s how long I’ve truly appreciated this sky and this view, because that is how long we’ve lived in the neighborhood shown in the right side of this photograph. Down on that street is the house we built and the house that is now awaiting its next owners. The house that sits on the market ready and waiting to be a blessing to another family, just as it has blessed us.

This sky is a reflection of the beauty and all that God has blessed us with in moving us to this location for the short period we’ve been here. I can’t help but think about how seven is His perfect number and this is our year of Jubilee! And for that, I am very thankful.

Week 45 – The Old Coldwater Schoolhouse

This week’s FotoFriday52 is another shot taken on a recent trip through the Ozarks of Arkansas and Missouri. One day we drove up to rural Wright County in Missouri and found this old schoolhouse, after having discovered another photographer’s photo of it on Flickr. According to that photographer, this is what remains of the old Coldwater school.

For being in the middle of nowhere and being so old and weathered, it was actually in pretty good condition – both inside and out. The texture applied to this photo is from a shot of the ceiling on the inside of the old one room school, which was also in quite good condition.

Week 44 – Can’t Decide

I have a number of new photos that I’ve shot and processed in the last couple of weeks and so I’m having a hard time deciding which one to post for this week’s FotoFriday52. In addition, I created a new logo for my photography and want to share that as well. So, for this week, I’m going to break my own rules and post two. One is the last pic that I’ve processed of a young Amish man riding down the road quickly (probably to avoid my PhotoFrenzy Friend…let’s just call her Ms.Paparazzi) using a new preset I’ve recently stumbled upon by  onOne Software. The second is my new logo/signature. I’d love to hear your opinions on it. (Yes, I can take it or I wouldn’t ask. I am always open to suggestions.)

Week 43 – The Old House on Hwy 412

This week’s FotoFriday52 is being posted a little late. Reason being, I took a spontaneous trip with my PhotoFrenzy Friend to spend a few days driving through the Ozarks of Arkansas and Missouri last week. On our way, we stopped at an old house that I’ve admired for several years. We decided to take a few shots of this old beauty. Oh, how I’d like to know the history of this structure! But all I get are the stories I can make up in my mind as I imagine what life must have been like in the old house on Highway 412!


Week 42 – Through the Wire

Last week I took a couple of drives through the countryside, not far from my home. I hadn’t been out for the sole purpose of practicing with my camera in quite a while. I realize to those who don’t live in Texas (or other “country” places), this may be a view that is different, exciting, even pretty. But to me? Well, honestly…I’m quite bored with it. However, this is a typical fall foliage photograph for my area. I did enjoy the drive and it was a beautiful day. For this FotoFriday52 shot, I simply pulled over on the side of a lonesome country road and rolled down my window. This is what I viewed through the wire…

Week 41 – Catching the Sun

Well, it finally happened! I finally made it out to take some new photos. I made myself take a couple of drives this week and snapped a few here and there. One evening I spontaneously decided to take a drive west just as the sun was setting. I was on a mission, chasing the sun. As I drove and drove, I finally realized I wasn’t going to catch it – and I didn’t.

Another night, my PhotoFrenzy Friend and I made a trip to Arlington to drop off her daughter and friends at Six Flags. Afterwards, we took a drive over to Dallas Baptist University, where her daughter will be attending next year. I’d heard how beautiful it is, but had never visited , so we drove over so I could see for myself. And all that I had heard was absolutely true! It is the most beautiful campus I’ve ever seen. We arrived just at sundown and so I decided to walk around a little to see if this was the night I would catch the sun. And I did! I caught it just as it was setting behind this beautiful cross, which is this week’s FotoFriday52. Enjoy!

Week 40 – The Sun is Setting

Another week is gone! They seem to be passing by faster and faster these days. It’s hard to believe we’ve had our house on the market for a month and a half already! Once again this week, I did not get out to take any new shots. I’m not really sure why I didn’t – the week just seemed to pass by so quickly and before I knew it, it was time for FotoFriday52 again.

This week has held a number of emotions for me: excitement as I’ve worked with a couple of new No More Weighting clients in helping them reach their weight loss goals, questioning if we are doing the right thing with selling the house, wondering about the possibility of refinancing instead, doubts, anxieties, uncertainties and then, in the end…peace! Yes, at the end of this whirlwind week of emotions, despite the fact we have not had any more showings of the house, I rest in peace. Peace that what we know the Lord directed us to do, is true. Peace in having patience that His perfect work will be complete and in the perfect time. And peace that the time is getting close. I guess you could say, there is a peace in seeing the sun set on this chapter of our lives. With a setting sun comes a new day and we are looking forward to that morning.

Since I did not take any new shots, this weeks FotoFriday52 is another photo taken at my brother and family’s new home in Valley View. The sun was setting just over the trees with the rays of hope shining bright. I could not resist this shot of their pasture. Remember, with the setting sun comes peace, quiet and rest. I hope this week’s photo translates that to you!

Week 39 – Trusty Dog

Where did this week go??? For that matter, where did the MONTH go??? Here it is, already the first of October. So hard to even conceive the realization that in just a little more than three months, Christmas will be here! Wow!

Ok, well, let’s get on to the purpose of this post. It has quickly arrived at another Friday which means it is time for FotoFriday52! For those who are new, back in January I decided I wanted a project to commit to for the year. Being that I was not quite ready for a 365 project (posting one picture a day for 365 days), and quite honestly not sure I ever will be, I decided to create my own project of posting one photo a week for 52 weeks. I decided to do this on each Friday – thus the FotoFriday52.

Because time as once again slipped away and I did not get out with my camera this week, I’m posting another one that I took last week while helping my brother and family get moved into their beautiful, new home. This one is of their faithful bloodhound, Trusty. He is just as he looks…a big baby!


I won’t throw it all away now.

I was sure of myself then, it’s still a sure thing!

I will stick it out, stay with God’s plan so I will be here for the promised completion.

Heb 10:35-36 The Mssg/DRT (The Message with a little of Debbi Robertson’s Translation)


Yes, another blog! That is what I’m doing with a very precious friend who recently reconnected with me through facebook. We met many years ago when…well, tell ya what, I’ll let you read for yourself.

We are joining efforts to post devotionals, along with using my photos, until we have enough to publish a book. If you’d like to follow us, please check us out at friends2friends devotions.

We’d be thrilled to have you subscribe to our site, grab a cup of coffee and join us each day as we share…friends to friends!

Let Your Light Shine,

Week 38 – “Ape-Corns”

This week’s FotoFriday52 is a shot that I took this week, (yes, I finally had the opportunity to get my camera out again) while in the process of helping my brother and family move an hour away. I realize that an hour’s drive to visit family is something many people would be thrilled to have as opposed to them living across the state, across the nation, or worse, across the globe. However, you have to understand that up until a few days ago, I had the luxury of having my brother, sister-in-law, niece and three nephews living just three houses from me. I didn’t think their move would affect me quite like it did. Let’s just say that I had a couple of very emotional days.

But was it worth it? YES! Their new place is out in the country and on 10 acres. A beautiful house with salt-water pool, woods all around them and a horse pasture. It really is a paradise for those kids. Heck, it’s a paradise for me! And so I spent a couple of days up in paradise helping them get settled in their new home. One very important part of this adventure was following my nephews around so they could show me the property. This photo is of my youngest nephew and his exciting discovery. In his words, they are “ape-corns”.

Week 37 – Seeing Beyond

This week’s FotoFriday52 is a photo that I took last fall on a trip to Missouri. It was a beautiful drive in the Ozark Mountains and the leaves were changing colors. The temperature was cool and the day was misty which brought about a fog that would appear, then disappear, as we drove through the narrow and winding roads.

On this particular turn, the fog was lifting as we drove through, which I chose for this week’s post, simply because it describes how I’m feeling about our current situation. We recently put our dream home on the market, which is something I never imagined doing. There are certain things that you just KNOW you are supposed to do, and this is one of them. To me, this photo represents the lifting of the uncertainty that I once had, and the vision of a road beyond.

It also represents a peace that I feel. I’ve had a revelation of Philippians 4:7 this week: and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus. I am mentally  (mind) and emotionally (heart) detached (guarded) and therefore have a numbness to the fact that we are selling our home. I am certain the numbness is a result of the Peace that surpasses my understanding. And with that peace, the fog is lifting and the road ahead is one of certainty, security and freedom. I am also …anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, letting my requests be made known to God. (Phil 4:6) as I patiently await the next turn!

Week 36 – Looking Back a Year Ago

They say “Time flies when you are having fun!” and that is no lie! This past year as jetted by and I can hardly imagine that one year ago today I was patiently awaiting the arrival of a very special gift and surprise from my wonderful parents…my very first DSLR camera! Just a year ago, I had no clue how to operate such a machine but what I did have, was an eagerness to learn. And what can I say a year later? “I’ve come a long way, baby!” and “I have a long, long way to go!”

In reflecting on the past year full of  experimenting, LOT’S of reading, reading, practicing, practicing and memories made while going on PhotoFrenzies with friends, I decided that today’s FotoFriday52 should be one of my very first shots taken with my DSLR and one of the first to be posted on Flickr. And what do you know – when I went back to my archives to see the first picture I ever took with that gift, it was a photo of one of my favorite models…Miss Lucy!

Looks like she was bored already!

Week 35 – Fall Is In the Air

…and I’m so excited! Fall is my absolute favorite time of year for several reasons:

First, the temperatures. When you live in Texas, you look forward to cool fall days.

Next, the Holidays are quickly approaching! And who doesn’t love that time of year!

Last but not least, the fall of 2009 is when I received my first DSLR – a gift from my awesome dad (and mom)! That is when my relationship with the shutter bug began.

I’ve been quite busy the last month with prepping our house for sale and sadly have not been a good partner with my camera in this relationship. It has been that long since I’ve taken shots, other than of the house for the MLS. So, with that said, this week’s FotoFriday52 is one taken last year of a few gourds from the Weatherford Farmers Market.

Week 34 – The View

I would have titled this week’s FotoFriday52 “Our View” except that I have come to realize that soon it will be someone else’s view. The family who will move in here, enjoy the view, wake up every morning to that view out the bedroom windows and thank God for their home. At least I hope they will know that it was Him that led them to this place, because that is my prayer. I have no doubt that He is the One Who will lead them, I just hope they recognize it. And if not, I am certain that because the Spirit of God has reigned in this house for the last seven years, they will come to know Him. After all, how can anyone look at this view and not see Him in it?

Another One For the Taking – HDRspotting code

For all of the HDR photographers out there who’ve been looking for an invite code, here is one…


Please be sure to post a comment if you are the one who gets it. Thanks ~ Debbi

Week 33 – We are REALLY Going to Do It!

Two weeks ago, I would not have guessed that this week I’d be posting this photo as my FotoFriday52! For the past year, we have contemplated putting our house on the market to get 100% out of debt, but until a week ago, there just wasn’t a Peace. That all changed on August 8th! That is the day that we made the decision (by the Lord’s peace) to sell our custom home. The one WE built and thought we’d be in forever. But as we follow and trust the Lord’s leading, we KNOW that we are blessed beyond measure!

Week 32 – Missing Her

For today’s FotoFriday52, I will post one more picture of my California Daughter, Kenzie. She returned to her “other home” last week and I’m missing her  and her cute little wrinkled nose already. What  a great time we had together!