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MOVING TIME – New Blog Site

Moved to…

Well, I DID IT!

I’ve had the quandary of my different blog sites that were spread all over – wordpress, blogger, mobileme – and finally made the decision to make my life just a little easier by combining them all into one site. This decision came after my PhotoFrenzyFriend, Lisa, turned me on to a wonderful and fun site The Pioneer Woman. Once I saw that it could be done (and in fact SHOULD BE), I made the decision to take the plunge. After a few days, it’s done (minus some tweaking over the  next few weeks).

The compilation of all…

  • No More Weighting – my scripture-based motivational weight loss blog site
  • Crop’nPunch  – my photography blog site
  • NMW ministries – my general inspirational blog site

into Photos and Facets. The birth of the new site will also include some more personal sides to me and should be…well…just a little fun! Time will tell!

At the new site, you will find all of the above…

  • No More Weighting  – will be under No More Weighting (imagine that!)
  • Crop’nPunch  – under Debbi Robertson Photography Blog
  • NMW Ministries – under Proverbs 3:5

plus some new categories to follow shortly.

Please, check out the new site, bookmark, subscribe and all those fun things and if you are already a subscriber here, PLEASE make sure to change your subscription.

Thanks for your support and spread the word!

Have fun, stay young and…

Let Your Light Shine,

Another One For the Taking – HDRspotting code

For all of the HDR photographers out there who’ve been looking for an invite code, here is one…


Please be sure to post a comment if you are the one who gets it. Thanks ~ Debbi

First one to get it…well…gets it! Invitation Code.


(And if you are The One to get it, please post a comment to let me know.)


Yes, I know…I said (almost two months ago) that I’d be catching up soon on my posts. Well, I’m sure you can see – that has not happened. I am REALLY behind! Not only in posting, but processing my photos in order to post!

I honestly thought this summer was going be a lot of nothing and it just hasn’t turned out that way. Much busier than I ever expected and now it is close to being over. I’m not complaining! I like busy.

So, please hang tight. Don’t leave me. I will be back up and running on a regular basis soon.

Let Your Light Shine,

Can You Spare Your Input?

I could really use some help! I’m considering taking my hobby of photography to the next level. In doing so, need to decide on a business name and this is where you come in. HELP! PLEASE?

I like using Crop’nPunch for my blog because it says something about what I enjoy doing. I enjoy processing the photos as much as taking them, which sometimes includes cropping the photo and almost always using the crunch preset.

However, to some this name could come across as a scrapbooking business. I, personally, do not scrapbook but I am aware that two of the primary actions in scrapbooking include cropping and punching. Would adding Photography set it apart enough? Or do I want my name to be associated?


Here are the ones I’ve narrowed down. Will you help me by telling me what you prefer and why?

Crop’nPunch Photography

D Robertson Photography

Debbi Robertson Photography


Any thoughts, ideas, suggestions that you have are greatly appreciated!


Gone but Back

After an impromptu vacation the past two weeks, I’m back – and very behind in my posts!

Be patient and I will update the FotoFriday52 as well as PhotoFrenzies posts soon. A lot to catch up on and first is the laundry and cleaning. So keep watching and I’ll be back soon!

Let Your Light Shine,

First Before & After Post (And How I Did It)

This is a first for me. I subscribe to many photo blogs and several offer Before & After photos they have processed as well as tutorials on how they did it. So, today I figured I’d give it a shot. We will see how this turns out!

First, let me introduce my little doll, Lucy. She joined our family last July. When I began getting serious about my hobby of photography last fall, she became quite the subject of my trials. So much so that it is now hard to get her to look at the camera. Many times I can almost hear her say, “Again?” But she was a real sport today as I snapped a few to use for this post.

So to begin: I snapped this first shot using my Canon Rebel T1i with the built-in flash. The flash did create a shadow, but since she was getting bored, I decided to go with what I had and it just so happened this shot was the best of the bunch.


After quite a bit of “cropping” and a little “punch”, this is the result. What do you think?


Now for the “How I Did It”…

It’s real simple! All you have to do if you live in the North Fort Worth, Texas area is call Allison at Pamper Camper 🙂

OK, since I have you here anyway, might as well see a couple more of my lil’ cutie:

Let Your Light Shine,


Stakerz Xposed: Leftovers…

A WONDERFUL thought from a fellow blogger.  Check it out: Stakerz Xposed: Leftovers….

HELP ME! What’s my Style?

OK, OK, I know – if you’ve read my About C’nP page, then you know this category is supposed to be about anything other than photography. BUT I NEED HELP and I didn’t know where else to post this.

I picked up my first DSLR last September, just a short five months ago and haven’t put it down since (as I’m sure you can tell from my Flickr Photostream and the 100s of pictures uploaded – something I’ve learned that newbies do: include everything!) During this timeframe I’ve shot this and that – mainly landscape pictures since going on PhotoFrenzies by just driving around the countryside has been my main source of inspiration, practice and yes, therapeutic. However, I’m not convinced that is my style – what I’m the best at, what I enjoy the most, etc.

I have taken practice shots of pets (doesn’t everybody?), landscapes, botanical, still life, and a few of children. The ones that I really haven’t attempted are action and portrait photography. Why? I don’t know for sure. Perhaps I haven’t attempted action simply because that isn’t something I would necessarily enjoy. Portraits? Well, I guess if I’m going to be completely honest, it’s because I think that is above me. More than I am capable of. Saved only for the best of the best photographers. Does it interest me? Yes! As I look at other’s portfolios and galleries I’m mesmerized at the beauty. Of all people, I am one who knows that I can do whatever I put my mind to. I can do all things through Christ, Who gives me strength. One who enjoys learning and making the attempt. But somehow, portraits seem to be out of my range. So I guess, well, I just need to “play” with it.

But now, back to the subject at hand…what is my style? How does someone really know? I read a post put out by SmudgeChris not long ago that made me really question this. It was such an honest approach and set my mind at ease for the search…for a while. But now I’m questioning again. What is my style? What am I best at? I thoroughly enjoy having a camera in my hand and at my eye. The sound of the shutter is music to my ears. Although I only approach this as a hobby with no other plans of my own to do anything more with it, I still want to know what my style is! Can you help? Will you help?

I would really like to get your input, ideas on how to discover my own strengths in photography, your opinions (if you have any) on what you think my style is leaning towards, just whatever you have to share. You can see several photos on this site in different locations such as PhotoFrenzies, Nothin’ But Pics and A Little Different. The majority are on my Flickr Photostream or my main website. Take a look, come back and give me your thoughts…please? Help me!

Thanks in advance! ~ Debbi

Bloggity Blog

Whoa – there’s so much to learn about a blog. What site to use, what template to choose, sidebar on the left, sidebar on the right, one column, two column, three? Edit HTML, add widgets and much more. SO MUCH MORE!

And just when I think I have it all figured out, what do I do? Change everything! What was I thinking?!

I’ll tell you what I was thinking. “What will my viewers want to see? Will I be able to get more people who are interested in what I have to share if the appearance is cleaner? What is pleasant to the eye?” And truth is, I still don’t know. But for now, my blog has been moved and will remain here. I’m not promising the look won’t change but you can rest assured that I’ll be here for quite some time and any changes that will be made will not hinder you if you should choose to subscribe.

Thank YOU! Thank you for being supportive, commenting, encouraging and reading. Be patient with me as I continue to learn and grow in this bloggity blog world I’ve encountered.

Once again…

Let Your Light Shine,