A Little Different

MOVING TIME – New Blog Site

Moved to…

Well, I DID IT!

I’ve had the quandary of my different blog sites that were spread all over – wordpress, blogger, mobileme – and finally made the decision to make my life just a little easier by combining them all into one site. This decision came after my PhotoFrenzyFriend, Lisa, turned me on to a wonderful and fun site The Pioneer Woman. Once I saw that it could be done (and in fact SHOULD BE), I made the decision to take the plunge. After a few days, it’s done (minus some tweaking over the  next few weeks).

The compilation of all…

  • No More Weighting – my scripture-based motivational weight loss blog site
  • Crop’nPunch  – my photography blog site
  • NMW ministries – my general inspirational blog site

into Photos and Facets. The birth of the new site will also include some more personal sides to me and should be…well…just a little fun! Time will tell!

At the new site, you will find all of the above…

  • No More Weighting  – will be under No More Weighting (imagine that!)
  • Crop’nPunch  – under Debbi Robertson Photography Blog
  • NMW Ministries – under Proverbs 3:5

plus some new categories to follow shortly.

Please, check out the new site, bookmark, subscribe and all those fun things and if you are already a subscriber here, PLEASE make sure to change your subscription.

Thanks for your support and spread the word!

Have fun, stay young and…

Let Your Light Shine,

From My Valentine

February 14th is what most refer to as Valentine’s Day and a day that lovers express their feelings for one another. At our home, I am very happy to announce that we don’t need one day a year to express our love for each other so February 14th is just another day to us. And therefore, it only seems fitting that my special gift from my special man arrived on February 5th.

My sweet hubby picked me up after he returned home from work and an unwrapped box was sitting in a plastic bag in my seat. When I asked what it was, his response was, “Your Valentine’s gift…early. I love you.”

When I opened the box I found a beautiful, hand-blown, delicate purple flower sitting carefully in tissue paper. He knows just how practical I am and purchased me a flower that will never die and for anyone who knows me, it can only be purple :)!

What a sweet, thoughtful, loving man the Lord has blessed me with. I would like to share my special gift with you through this photo. Happy Valentine’s Day!

A Little Different: TimeTable

After playing around with Photoshop’s textures today, this is what happened. Truth is, I really liked this picture but the dust on the glass top said just a little too loudly, “You are spending too much time on the computer…come clean me!” So I masked it! You can’t see the dust now.