Week 40 – The Sun is Setting

Another week is gone! They seem to be passing by faster and faster these days. It’s hard to believe we’ve had our house on the market for a month and a half already! Once again this week, I did not get out to take any new shots. I’m not really sure why I didn’t – the week just seemed to pass by so quickly and before I knew it, it was time for FotoFriday52 again.

This week has held a number of emotions for me: excitement as I’ve worked with a couple of new No More Weighting clients in helping them reach their weight loss goals, questioning if we are doing the right thing with selling the house, wondering about the possibility of refinancing instead, doubts, anxieties, uncertainties and then, in the end…peace! Yes, at the end of this whirlwind week of emotions, despite the fact we have not had any more showings of the house, I rest in peace. Peace that what we know the Lord directed us to do, is true. Peace in having patience that His perfect work will be complete and in the perfect time. And peace that the time is getting close. I guess you could say, there is a peace in seeing the sun set on this chapter of our lives. With a setting sun comes a new day and we are looking forward to that morning.

Since I did not take any new shots, this weeks FotoFriday52 is another photo taken at my brother and family’s new home in Valley View. The sun was setting just over the trees with the rays of hope shining bright. I could not resist this shot of their pasture. Remember, with the setting sun comes peace, quiet and rest. I hope this week’s photo translates that to you!


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