Week 38 – “Ape-Corns”

This week’s FotoFriday52 is a shot that I took this week, (yes, I finally had the opportunity to get my camera out again) while in the process of helping my brother and family move an hour away. I realize that an hour’s drive to visit family is something many people would be thrilled to have as opposed to them living across the state, across the nation, or worse, across the globe. However, you have to understand that up until a few days ago, I had the luxury of having my brother, sister-in-law, niece and three nephews living just three houses from me. I didn’t think their move would affect me quite like it did. Let’s just say that I had a couple of very emotional days.

But was it worth it? YES! Their new place is out in the country and on 10 acres. A beautiful house with salt-water pool, woods all around them and a horse pasture. It really is a paradise for those kids. Heck, it’s a paradise for me! And so I spent a couple of days up in paradise helping them get settled in their new home. One very important part of this adventure was following my nephews around so they could show me the property. This photo is of my youngest nephew and his exciting discovery. In his words, they are “ape-corns”.


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