Can You Spare Your Input?

I could really use some help! I’m considering taking my hobby of photography to the next level. In doing so, need to decide on a business name and this is where you come in. HELP! PLEASE?

I like using Crop’nPunch for my blog because it says something about what I enjoy doing. I enjoy processing the photos as much as taking them, which sometimes includes cropping the photo and almost always using the crunch preset.

However, to some this name could come across as a scrapbooking business. I, personally, do not scrapbook but I am aware that two of the primary actions in scrapbooking include cropping and punching. Would adding Photography set it apart enough? Or do I want my name to be associated?


Here are the ones I’ve narrowed down. Will you help me by telling me what you prefer and why?

Crop’nPunch Photography

D Robertson Photography

Debbi Robertson Photography


Any thoughts, ideas, suggestions that you have are greatly appreciated!



2 responses

  1. I had wondered what Crop’nPunch meant – now I know. I’d say use your name, initial or full – whichever you prefer. I need to be thinking along the same lines. I’m too busy right now to make even a side business right now, but I am getting commercial interest in my work. Maybe next year. Got a LOT to learn in the mean time and time is so short. Good luck!

    July 18, 2010 at 3:55 pm

    • Mike, I realize this reply is very late but wanted to say “thanks” for taking time to give me your input!

      I have decided to go with full name and then perhaps use other names for different types of biz (such as commercial, pet photography, etc. – each have their own name but all include “by Debbi Robertson Photography.) Of course depending on which route I decide to go.

      I honestly had not considered doing a business with my photography when I started almost a year ago), but can see it being a fun way to maybe some extra income. Have received encouragement to do so from those closest to me, so…hey…might as well, huh? Hopefully I will get some clear direction on what I should do and how – at this point not even sure I know what style I find as my strong point – so need to determine that first. I’m taking it day by day and moment by moment. No rush for sure. I, too, have SO MUCH to learn and am enjoying the process!

      Much success on the development of yours – whenever that may be :).

      July 29, 2010 at 1:07 pm

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