Week 22 – Cypress Trees and Spanish Moss

We weren’t home 48 hours from our vacation and my husband had to leave on a trip with his coworkers to Arkansas for a few days. And of all days…on our 20th Wedding Anniversary. This trip had been planned for months, which is why we took our vacation the week prior. He left early on Tuesday morning and a few hours later, as I’m sitting in my office in my pajamas, I get a call from him. “Get dressed, load the car and meet me in Arkansas!” he says. After our spontaneous trip the week before, spontaneity is still flowing in my blood, so what do I do? Get dressed, load the car and head to Arkansas!

He was able to ride back with me instead of the 15 passenger van he drove up, and we took a few extra days getting home. One of our stops was in Uncertain, Texas. It’s a very small community in East Texas near the border of Louisiana. This photo was taken in Lake Caddo State Park on Saw Mill Pond.


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