A Little Less Frenzyish

Frenzyish! Is that a real word? Nope, not unless you look in the Debbi Dictionary. I’m known for making up words or changing words a little to accommodate…me! So frenzyish is a word that means, slacking in attending or initializing a PhotoFrenzy.

Now that you know what it means, let me explain why I’ve been a little less frenzyish. Truth is, I don’t know! Just have not been anywhere the last few weeks besides perhaps a quick ride or two up the road to satisfy a need to snap the shutter a few times on my camera. But other than that, I have not been on any real PhotoFrenzies in a while.

However, that is about to change! My dear, sweet hubby and I are celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary this month and had originally planned to take a driving trip to one of my favorite places in the US, outside of Texas…Colorado. But a few weeks ago, one fine Friday night, he unknowingly asked me, “So, what do you want to do tomorrow?” Before my head could figure out what my mouth was saying, I blurted out an answer in a jokingly manner, “Go get a new Macbook Pro at the Apple Store.” (The new and improved MacBook Pros had just been released a short time before.) His response shocked me. He said, “Well, if we don’t go to Colorado, we could do that.”

What? Are you serious? Hmm, a week-long vacation or a brand new, fast processing, MacBook Pro that will last me years and thousands of hours? One that will have a larger hard drive, faster processor and will speed up my photo processing time? It didn’t take me long to decide. So the next morning, off to the Apple Store we go.

But because he knows the main reason I desired to take a trip for our anniversary to begin with was to exercise my shutter finger, he suggested that perhaps we take a couple of short trips that would not cost nearly as much as a week-long trip 14 hours away. Who am I to argue with the man? So, sure! Sounds great to me!

And now the time has come! We will be driving about 4 hours north to visit the southwestern rugged terrain of sandy soil and mountains of the Quartz Mountain, Lake Altus area of Oklahoma. Then head down about 4 hours south of where we live to the southern tip of another favorite area, the Texas Hill Country. We’ve been all through the northern and central areas of the Hill Country on prior trips, but the area south of Kerrville to Boerne, we’ve not explored – but will very soon.

So, although I’ve been a little less frenzyish lately, be watching as I am about to make up for lost time. And fully expect to have thousands of photos to prove it!

Until then…

Let Your Light Shine,

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