East Texas Drive

After two days of record-breaking snow in the DFW area of Texas, I was ready for the sun. The snow was beautiful and I enjoyed it immensely, however, was beginning to experience a slight case of the Gotta-Get-Outs! So Saturday morning, in the thick of fog, my dear sweet hubby agreed to satisfy my hunger for another PhotoFrenzy and we hit to road to drive to East Texas.

In the case you didn’t know :), Texas is large, and we live in the absolute best location of the Lone Star State. Drive three hours in any direction and you will be transported to a different terrain. Head north and you find small mountains with rivers and falls (such as in last week’s PhotoFrenzy, On to the Arbuckles). Go west and desert awaits. Drive south and find yourself in the beauty of the Hill Country with rolling hills and beautiful wild flowers in the spring (oh yes, spring..there WILL be a PhotoFrenzy there in a couple of short months!)

Today’s venture is to head east to the Piney Woods region. I was on a hunt for color! The winter browns had been covered with a blanket of white but now I want, need, color! And since spring is still a little time away, green will do. Pine trees are green and that will satisfy my desire for now. So to the Lake O’ the Pines we destined.

As we drove, the fog began to give way and we could get a better view of the snow that lay on the ground. Yes, our immediate area in fact did have the most accumulation. The further east we drove, the less and less of the white stuff did we see. About two hours into our drive, the sun began to break through the clouds. By the time we reached our destination, the sky was nothing but blue with only patches of remaining snow scattered here and there among the shaded spots of the large, green pine trees.

The photos below are a few of the shots of this day’s PhotoFrenzy at the Lake O’ the Pines. I hope you enjoy the color!


One response

  1. These pictures are beautiful! Really!!!!

    March 9, 2010 at 7:17 pm

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