From My Valentine

February 14th is what most refer to as Valentine’s Day and a day that lovers express their feelings for one another. At our home, I am very happy to announce that we don’t need one day a year to express our love for each other so February 14th is just another day to us. And therefore, it only seems fitting that my special gift from my special man arrived on February 5th.

My sweet hubby picked me up after he returned home from work and an unwrapped box was sitting in a plastic bag in my seat. When I asked what it was, his response was, “Your Valentine’s gift…early. I love you.”

When I opened the box I found a beautiful, hand-blown, delicate purple flower sitting carefully in tissue paper. He knows just how practical I am and purchased me a flower that will never die and for anyone who knows me, it can only be purple :)!

What a sweet, thoughtful, loving man the Lord has blessed me with. I would like to share my special gift with you through this photo. Happy Valentine’s Day!


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