Week 6 – Sammy J

This week we have experienced record breaking snow accumulations for our area of north Texas. At first I thought this week’s FotoFriday52 would be one of my many, many shots of the beauty from the storm. However, I had the pleasure of keeping my youngest nephew yesterday while his mom and dad took one of his older brothers to visit the good ol’ doc (yes, in the midst of the storm) and i just could not resist the temptation to practice portrait photography with the opportunity staring  me in the face – literally at times.

If snow is what you want to see, check out my earlier post under the category of Noth’n But Pics. Oh, and I have a feeling there will much more of snow photos to come. So for now, here’s Sammy J!  This is one of my favorites of the bunch. Not sure if it is because it shows off his battle wounds of wrestling with his new pup or the fact that his little mind was contemplating just what he could get into next. Gotta LOVE that kid!


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